About Us

PT. Maxima Mandiri Indonusa was founded in early 2012 in Jakarta, and commenced operations as a supplier of specialty material and raw material to various industries from upstream to downstream and providing ground support to various industries such as special steel fabricator, mining company, mining contractor, pulp and paper, power plant, cement plant, infrastructure, aerobridge manufacturer.
PT. Maxima Mandiri Indonusa is part of the MAXIMA GROUP, it’s consists of PT. Maxima Mandiri Indonusa, PT. Multi Idea Solusindo and PT. Purna Wangsa Abadi. The two other companies were in non-steel business .
PT. Maxima Mandiri Indonusa is focusing the business on specialty steels distribution and value-added service. Special steel grade consist of high strength steel for construction and aerobridge, high abrasion resistance for mining and cement mill, specialty stainless steel for pulp and paper, chromium carbide overlay plate for cement and mining, FCAW welding wire and other grades.
PT. Maxima Mandiri Indonusa is probably the only professional organization in the country that specializes in these niche markets and has extensive experience in handling wire resistance and high strength steels.
PT. Maxima Mandiri Indonusa has a long-term commitment to service its customers and to continually grow its niche market in Indonesia and the surrounding regions. Currently, the company has a head office in Bekasi and operates strategic warehouses in Cikamurang-Subang West Java.